Calling All Dreamers: Your Sweet Guide to Studying in the UK

Have you ever dreamt of pursuing a higher education in UK? Well, guess what? That dream can become reality with us! Steps EduWorld is your golden ticket to an amazing adventure in the world of UK universities.

We know studying abroad can feel like a big leap, but don’t worry! Steps EduWorld is here to be your cheerleader and helping hand. We’ll walk you through everything, step-by-step, in a way that’s easy to understand. So, grab your backpack, pack your curiosity, and let’s get started!

Study in the UK: An Amazing Adventure Awaits!

Ever dreamed of studying abroad in a place with amazing history and friendly people? Well, look no further than the UK! Universities in the UK are famous for being awesome, and they offer classes in pretty much everything you can imagine, from business, medicine, and science to art and music.

Studying in the UK is a fantastic way to boost your knowledge, make new friends from all over the world, and have a ton of fun in the process. So, if you’re looking for a memorable experience that will set you up for success, the UK is the perfect place for you!

Cost of Study in the UK: Making Informed Decisions

Knowing the cost of studying in the UK is very important for making informed decisions about your academic journey. Tuition fees, living expenses, and other associated costs can vary depending on factors such as your chosen university, program of study, and lifestyle preferences. At Steps EduWorld, we provide transparent guidance on financial planning, scholarship opportunities, and budgeting tips to help you manage your expenses properly.

Guidance from Higher Education Consultants in the UK

Feeling a little overwhelmed about applying to universities in the UK? Especially if it’s your first time venturing across the pond? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Our experienced higher education consultants are here to be your fairy godparents of applications. We’ll help you find the perfect program and university that’s the best fit for you, guide you through putting together your application materials, and even show you the ropes for snagging scholarships! Our goal is to ensure that your desire to study in the UK is fulfilled!

Discover Your Potential with our Career Coaching Services

Your journey towards success extends beyond the classroom walls. At Steps EduWorld, we provide effective career coaching services created to empower you with the skills, confidence, and strategies required to thrive in today’s competitive job market. Whether you’re seeking guidance on resume writing, interview preparation, or professional development, our experienced team is committed to helping you unlock your full potential and achieve your career goals.

Exploring Study Abroad Programs and Scholarships

Do you want to study abroad but are concerned about the cost? Our team of professionals can assist you in finding study abroad options and scholarship opportunities that fit your needs both academically and financially. Irrespective of your preference for a semester exchange or full degree program in the UK, we will collaborate with you to find grants, scholarships, and other financing sources to help you have an affordable and accessible study abroad experience.

Expert University Application Consultation

Selecting the right university is an important decision that can shape your academic and professional future. With our university application consultation services, you’ll receive personalized guidance on selecting the best-fit university for your academic goals and choices. Whether you’re considering premier institutions like Warwick University, Loughborough University, University of York, or Nottingham Trent University, our consultants will offer valuable insights into admission requirements, campus life, and academic offerings to help you make an informed choice.

Personalized Professional Development Coaching

Success in today’s dynamic job market needs more than just academic qualifications. That’s why we provide personalized professional development coaching to equip you with the skills and competencies needed to excel in your chosen field. Whether you’re seeking guidance on effective communication, leadership development, or career planning, our experienced coaches are here to support you every step of the way.


Nir Mathur

Nir, a medical student at King’s College London, brings over three years of experience guiding students through the medical school admissions process, exam preparation, and interview/MMI preparation. Having successfully secured offers from medical schools in Ireland, Australia, the UK, and Singapore, He is well-versed in the requirements and intricacies of these regions’ application processes. His structured, relatable, and engaging teaching style makes complex concepts accessible and interesting. Managing medical school admissions and exam preparation at StEPS, Nir leverages this firsthand experience and teaching approach to provide tailored guidance and support to aspiring medical students worldwide.


Amna Khawar

Amna is a bilingual Montessori trained Learning Specialist with over 10 years of experience at Dubai International Academy.

A Parent Ambassador for the prestigious Loughborough University, Amna will be supporting StEPS students and parents with their education planning.

Working in the Special Needs Department she has contributed to the positive development and wellbeing of students with learning difficulties and lower level abilities in group and 1-1 settings inside and outside the classroom through multiple evidence based interventions.

Mehak Amir

Mehak Amir

Senior Consultant

Hello, I’m Mehek Amir, a Warwick Graduate. I have 7-8 years of experience in the education sector, I have worked with prestigious institutions such as LUMS. I have helped local and international students in completing their personal statements, guiding them through assignments and thesis.

My journey in education has equipped me with a deep understanding of the challenges students face when seeking international opportunities. I believe that studying abroad not only broadens horizons but also opens doors to endless possibilities.

As an experienced professional, I am well-versed in the intricacies of the application process, visa requirements, and the various educational systems around the world. I am committed to guiding students through every step of their journey, providing them with the knowledge and support they need to make informed decisions.

Shayan Fareed

Shayan Fareed

Undergraduate Ambassador

Shayan Fareed is an Undergraduate Ambassador for StEPS who recently graduated from Warwick Business School with a BSC in Management. Prior to that, he completed his A Levels at the prestigious Aitchison College. During his time at the University of Warwick, Shayan cherished the vibrant campus life and considered it his home for the past three years, leaving behind fond memories as he moves on to new endeavors.

Faiza Omar

Faiza Omer

Communication Coordinator
Faiza Omer has a Masters in Finance from Punjab University and extensive experience in working across a variety of functional roles. Having been part of the StEPS team for the last three years, Faiza manages the company’s HR for Pakistan and the UAE and also supports with operations. She is skilled in managing internal and external stakeholder engagement and has received several certificates and awards, demonstrating her proficiency in teamwork, customer service, and administrative expertise. Prior to joining StEPS, Faiza worked at DNATA Emirates Group in Dubai providing passenger services and coordinating flight operations.

Misbah Fehmi​

Misbah has long been guiding parents and students on higher education application processes, entry requirements, subject selection, and extra curricular activites for university admissions.

We are delighted to have her support Team StEPS to share her expertise for North American university applications.

In addition for her passion for guiding students and parents, she brings valuable cross sectoral experience in writing for impact, human resource, talent acquisition, recruitment consultancy, advertising and marketing.

Wasim Hashmi Syed

Wasim Hashmi Syed

Senior Advisor

Mr Wasim Hashmi Syed, Senior Advisor, Professional Development and Transnational Education.Mr Wasim Hashmi Syed has over twenty years of visionary experience in initiating and leading educational initiatives with tangible outcomes, creating international linkages, and providing development opportunities for Pakistani youth under the country’s vision 2025. He has been involved in various government and foreign-funded projects, including monitoring research and development projects in IT and engineering.

As an Advisor and Consultant at the Higher Education Commission (HEC), he managed programs aimed at increasing the number of PhD faculty, providing scholarships for students, and fostering collaboration with foreign universities. Additionally, he oversaw the monitoring of research and development projects and played a key role in policy development for higher education institutions. He established collaboration with  more than 30 international foreign universities and organizations. He played a significant role in launching and overseeing scholarship programs and initiatives related to information and communication technology.

He also served as an Advisor International Linkages at Pak-Austria Fachhochschule Institute of Applied Sciences and Technology Haripur, he had engaged in obtaining charter for Institute from HEC and PEC.

In his role as General Manager Monitoring/Projects at the National ICT R&D Funds (IGNITE), he monitored numerous technical projects funded by academia and local industry.

Mr. Hashmi obtained his Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering Technology Lahore. He also holds MS in Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, from the University of Louisville Kentucky USA, and a Ph.D. (in progress) in Transport Engineering University of Hasselt Belgium.

Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz

Zeeshan Riaz is an internationally experienced consultant with over 25 years of proven track record with comprehensive experience of advising corporate, higher education, consulting and training institutions.

Zeeshan leads the business development, international brand building and student recruitment initiative in the region for StEPS partner institutes.

Zeeshan has extensive experience in corporate strategy and development in Europe, Middle East and Asia, working in a range of industries with extensive involvement in Green-Field and Public & Private partnership development projects.

Which provides a unique platform with in-depth knowledge of the global job market to advice on career growth and educational pathways for professionals and students.

After primary education from Smedstad School in Oslo, Norway, he pursued higher education from Norway, Pakistan and UK in Computer Science with Business Management followed by MBA specialising in marketing.

He is a UK certified Clinical Therapist and British Council certified Trainer of Trainers (TOT).

Saima is a TESOL qualified Warwick Alumna, with over two decades of experience in student counseling, teaching, teacher training, and English language assessment. She has been representing her alma mater for international student admissions since 1998, and has successfully supported hundreds of students with their university, scholarship and job applications globally. As a certified DiSC and ‘How Women Rise’ coach, she supports professionals in bringing about workplace improvements through behavioral change.

Saima is a British Council trained and certified IELTS professional and has taught English at The University of Warwick, Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS), Kinnaird College for Women, and the Virtual University of Pakistan. She has trained educational professionals at Kinnaird College, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) and the Ali Institute of Education, and has been a consultant trainer for the Punjab Judicial Academy for development of soft skills of district judiciary and judicial staff of the Lahore High Court.

With extensive experience in education management and administration, Saima has been the Founding Director for the Directorate of Faculty Development & Internationalisation (DFDI) at LCWU, and successfully launched a Faculty Development Centre as well as Pakistan’s first university-level mandatory Citizenship programme in collaboration with the British Council. She was thus responsible for supporting the enhancement of teaching and research capability of Asia’s largest women’s university, creating linkages with local and international partners, enabling students in social entrepreneurship projects, and raising the university profile on an international academic platform.

She is a Mentor Coordinator for BNI Konnectors and a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Lahore.